Walltown Quarry & Hadrian's Wall

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The image below is of Walltown Quarry by the Roman Army Museum, situated by the village of Greenhead, about 19 miles east of Carlisle, 40 miles west of Newcastle just off the B6318 road.

The bus stop for the local Hadrian's Wall Bus is situated on the right, and visitor centre down on the right. Hadrian's Wall runs over the high point up on the left.

The Hadrian's Wall Path runs down past the visitor centre and shop.

Walltown Quarry Map

Walltown Quarry Car Park image

The image below is of a large seating area just down past the visitor centre. There are a few fairly level walks around this area.

The path to Hadrian's Wall goes round to the left, then leads over to the right, where it leads up to the high point, along the top of the cliffs.

Walltown Quarry path image

The image below is from the top of the high point looking east towards Cawfield Quarry 4 miles east, and Housteads Fort 9 miles east, the top walking sections of Hadrian's Wall.

Walltown Quarry Hadrians Wall image

The image below is walking east, with the two high points on this section in the distance. Not sure if these are natural cliffs, or if the Roman's took half the hills for the wall and forts.

Walltown Quarry Walk image

The image below is of the two high points, a steep hike to the top, the Walltown Quarry Hills.

Walltown Quarry Hills image

The image below is of from the top of the hills looking back west towards Walltown Quarry.

This is about half way between Walltown Quarry and Cawfield Quarry. It is mainly farm land from here to Cawfield Quarry.

The Hadrian's Wall Bus runs between the quarries if you want to walk all the way and get a lift back to your car. I decided to head back over this top section to see if I could get better photos, as the cloud was clearing as the day went on.

Hadrians Wall Walltown Quarry image

The image below is walking back to Walltown Quarry, passing a school trip enjoying the wall on this rugged section. Large Image.

Hadrians Wall high section image

The image below is looking down to Walltown Quarry. The white line there shows Hadrian's Wall Path heading west to Thirwall Castle about half a mile down into a valley, the village of Gilsland about 1 and a half miles past the castle, and Birdoswald Roman Fort 1 mile past Gilsland. The Gilsland to Birdoswald section of the wall is also well preserved, about 7 feet high in places, also with a scenic gorge.

From Thirwall Castle, you have to cross a footpath across the railway, walk down the main road 200 yards past the entrance to Haltwhistle Golf Club, then pick up the well signed Hadrian's Wall Path to Gilsland. That stretch is mainly an earth mound, and also goes through someone's front garden.

The Pennine Way joins the Hadrian's Wall Path at Thirwall Castle. It goes south past Haltwhistle Golf Club, be careful not to take the wrong path.

Walltown Quary image