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Gilsland is a small village situated next to Hadrian's Wall between Carlisle and Newcastle, 18 miles east of Carlisle, 42 miles west of Newcastle.

The image below is of Milecastle 48, part of Hadrian's Wall on the east side of Gilsland, next to the old Railway Station.

This is the first part of Gilsland walkers see when walking from the Newcastle direction.

There are two ways to follow the Hadrian's Wall Path from here, to the left and over a railway footpath, and down through a field to Gilsland Primary School.

There is a good section of Hadrian's Wall from the Primary School to Birdoswald Roman Fort, 1 mile west.

You can also go down to the right in the image below, cross the Poltcross Burn by footbridge, and walk down through Gilsland past the Samson Inn and under the railway bridge.

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Milecastle 48 Gilsland image

The image below is of the Samson Inn about 300 yards from Milecastle 48. The inn is a popular place for refreshments and meals, larger inside than it looks.

Gilsland Railway Station is just up behind the Inn. Locals are trying to have the station re-opened.

Samson Inn Gilsland image

The image below is down through the railway bridge at the Bridge Inn in the Village centre.

The Cumbria sign here shows the border between Cumbria and Northumberland.

Bridge Inn Gilsland image

The image below is of the village centre just past the Bridge Inn. There is a cafe at the far end of these buildings, and church next to the cafe.

The Gilsland Hall Hotel is round to the right, up on the hillside, about 1 mile away. Gilsland School and Hadrian's Wall is up past the church to the left.

Gilsland image

The image below is of Gilsland Methodist Church with the road here leading up to Gilsland School and Hadrian's Wall.

The cafe here has outdoor seating.

Gilsland Methodist Church image

The image below is of Hadrian's Wall leading from Gilsland to Birdoswald Roman Fort. There is a turret down at the end of this section, and another turret up on the hill in line with this section. From the turret on top of the hill, you can see Birdoswald.

There is a bridge down there that crosses the river, and a path that winds its way up the hill.

There is a car park at Gilsland School, and another at Birdoswald, ideal if you drive to here so you can walk this good 1 mile long section.

Hadrians Wall at Gilsland image

The image below is of St Mary Magdalene Church, outside Gilsland at the Gilsland Hall Hotel entrance.

This Anglican church was built from 1851 for the Hotel guests, and the people of Gilsland.

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St Mary Church Gilsland image

The image below is of the Gilsland Hall Hotel formerly (Gilsland Spa Hotel) about 1 mile outside Gilsland with views over the village.

The hotel has a Bowling Green, Woodland Walks with Waterfalls, Popping Stone for Romance, and Sulphur Springs.

Gilsland Hall Hotel image

Gilsland to Birdoswald Walk Photo Tour.

Attractions close by Gilsland are:

Haltwhistle Golf Club 1 mile east

Thirlwall Castle 1 miles east

Birdoswald Roman Fort 2 miles west

Lanercost Priory 6 miles west

Gilsland History

From 122 - Hadrian's Wall is built between Newcastle in the east and Carlisle in the west.

Milecastle 48, or now known as Poltcross Burn Milecastle, is built in the area of Gilsland.

1603 - first recording of the estate where Gilsland Hall Hotel is now situated, named Shaw's Estate.

Gilsland village no doubt grew by the estate as estates employed many workers.

1745/46 - Jacobite rebellion battles were the last in Britain, leading to a peaceful country, ending many centuries of conflict along the England - Scotland border.

1760s - first hotel built on Shaw's Estate named Shaw's Hotel.

1787 - Robert Burns' the Scottish poet visits Shaw's Hotel at Gilsland.

1797 - the novelist Walter Scott visited Shaw's Hotel and Popping Stone and met his wife Miss Carpenter.

1837 - the Carlisle to Newcastle railway opened with the Gilsland station situated on the east side of the village, originally named Rosehill Railway Station.

1851 - St Mary Magdalene Church by the Shaw's Hotel is built.

1859 - Shaw's Hotel is destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt larger soon after.

1869 - Gilsland Methodist Church is built in the village centre.

1893 - Shaw's Hotel is taken over and renamed Gilsland Spa Hotel.

1967 - Gilsland Train Station is closed.

2016 - Gilsland Spa Hotel is renamed Gilsland Hall Hotel.