Cawfield Quarry on Hadrians Wall

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Cawfield Quarry is situated in the middle of the best preserved section of Hadrian's Wall.

The Quarry is a popular place for walking alongside the wall with a large car park and bus stop where the Hadrian's Wall Bus drops off and picks up. You can walk from here to Steel Rig and Housteads Fort and take the bus back to here.

The walk between Cawfield Quarry and Housesteads Roman Fort, about 6 miles east, is regarded as the top section of Hadrian's Wall, along the top of rugged hills.

About 3 and a half miles out you will pass Sycamore Gap where a tree has grown next to the wall, between two rocky hills. There is also a car park close to Sycamore Gap named Steel Rigg, and another car park there at the Once Brewed Visitor Centre.

Cawfield Quarry Map

Caufield Quarry image

The image below is of the fort above the quarry with the wall leading over the hills. It is about a 3 mile walk across the hill tops to the Steel Rigg car park, then another 3 miles from there to Housteads Fort and car park.

Cawfield Quarry Fort image

The image below is of Hadrian's Wall leading back to Cawfield Quarry. I had left the car at this car park so walked out and back. You can print off a bus time table so you can plan a walk out and bus back.

Cawfield Quarry from east image

The image below is looking over the Cawfield Quarry from a high point.

Cawfield Quarry Hadrians Wall image