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Vindolanda Roman Fort and Museum is situated about 5 miles north of the town of Haltwhistle, off the B6318 road, 25 miles east of Carlisle, 33 miles west of Newcastle.

Vindolanda is one of the main forts built with Hadrian’s Wall, the wall built between 122 AD - 128 AD. Emperor Hadrian 76 AD - 138 AD.

This is one of the largest forts with the top museum for Roman Artifacts and Coins run by the The Vindolanda Charitable Trust, that also run the Roman Army Museum 7 miles west.

The image below is of the visitor centre from the car park.

Vindolanda Road Map

Vindolanda Visitor Centre image

The image below is of the courtyard in the Vindolanda visitor centre.

Vindolanda entrance image

The image below is from the visitor centre looking across the remains of Vindolanda Roman Fort.

Over to the right is reconstructions of a wooden and stone Roman Forts / Turrets, with a section of wall showing what the wall was like with the Turrets along the wall.

Vindolanda Roman Fort image

The image below is of a aerial photo at the visitor centre looking across the site when excavations were taking place.

The museum and cafe are way down in the trees, a few hundred yards with a fairly steep path.

Vindolanda Aerial View image

The image below is of Vindolanda Gardens by the cafe and museum, down in the woodland. There are a few small picturesque buildings and bridges in this area such as a Roman temple, Roman shop, Roman house, and Northumbrian croft.

Vindolanda Gardens image

The image below is from the gardens looking at the cafe and entrance to the museum.

Vindolanda Cafe image

The image below is of the interior of the museum. This is the largest museum with coins and artifacts that give a fantastic view into Roman life at that time.

Coins, jewellery, tools, cutlery and more seen here are at times remarkably like what we still use today.

Vindolanda Museum image

There is no wall at Vindolanda, you have to visit Housesteads, the Roman Army Museum of Birdoswald to view the wall.

There is the AD122 Hadrian’s Wall Country Bus that runs between the towns of Hexham and Haltwhistle, calling at most of the main sites each day from about 09.00 to 18.00, ideal for visiting the sites, or walking along the wall and catching the bus at other sites.

Vindolanda to Housesteads Roman Fort Map

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