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The Once Brewed Visitor Centre, or also known as the National Park Centre, is a Tourist Information Centre offering a wide range of information for visitors to the area such as walking and cycling facilities, and information on accommodation in the area.

The centre stocks souvenirs and local craft, displays videos and has a cafe. There is also free internet access.

The centre is also close to the famous Sycamore Tree at Steel Rig on Hadrian's Wall, most famous tree in the north of England, took me 2 days to find it.

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Twice Brewed Inn & Restaurant close by.

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Across the main road from the visitor centre is a single lane road that leads up into the hills where Hadrian's Wall crosses.

About a quarter of a mile up this road, there is a large car park named Steel Rig. The image below is from about 100 yards east of the car park, with this steep section named Steel Rig. This is really steep. You can also follow a path round to the right that saves you going over this steep section.

Steel Rig Hadrians Wall image

The image below is following the wall across the top of the hills towards the tree. The tree is in the next dip.

Note the path over to the right. That path runs from the car park to the tree over fairly level ground, although a few soggy patches here and there.

Steel Rig Fort image

The image below is of the famous Sycamore Tree in between two rocky hills, about 1 mile out from the Steel Rig Car Park.

Sycamore Gap Hadrians Wall image

The image below is of the famous tree in the area known as Sycamore Gap.

Sycamore Gap image

The visitor centre is situated close to Vindolanda Roman Town and Housteads Roman Fort.

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