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Warkworth is a scenic Village in northeast England in Northumberland, 37 miles south of Berwick Upon Tweed, 31 miles north of Newcastle.

Warkworth is popular for its Castle, St Laurence Church at the Market Square, Old Bridge on the east side, Golf Club half mile east, Beach under 1 mile east, and Hermitage on the banks of the River Coquet under 1 mile west.

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The image top is looking down Castle Street towards the Market Square and St Laurence Church.

Around the Market Square is where most of the Shops and Diners are situated.

The Church of St Laurence was built from the 1100s, with later additions in the 1300s and 1400s. This Church was built on the site of a smaller Saxon Church from the 700s.

Warkworth Castle is at the top of Castle Street, highest point in the Village. The first Timber Fort on this site is said to have been built for King Henry II of England, with Roger fitz Richard running the Fort for the King, with his family building the first sections of the Stone Castle.

The Percy family from Alnwick Castle gained control of Warkworth Castle in the 1340s, with them turning it into an impressive Fortress.

Warkworth Castle was taken over by English Heritage in 1984 to serve as a Tourist Attraction.

Warkworth Old Bridge is on the east side of the Village, built in the late 1300s with a Fortified Tower.

Warkworth Golf Club is about half of a mile east of the Village, up a narrow road just past the Old Bridge, founded in 1891.

Warkworth Beach Car Park is just before the Golf Club, with a short walk from the Car Park to the Beach.

Warkworth History

737- Warkworth is first mentioned in History after King Ceolwulf of Northumbria awarded the Church and Village to the Abbot of Lindisfarne.

1132 - St Laurence Church was built on the site of the earlier Church.

1157? - the earliest parts of Warkworth Castle were built with timber for King Henry II of England, with a local named Roger fitz Richard put in charge.

1174 - 300 locals were killed at St Laurence Church during a Scottish raid just before the Battle of Alnwick.

1200s - Warkworth Castle was built in stone so it could withstand attacks by the Scots.

1327 - Warkworth Castle survived two attacks by the Scots.

1345 - the Percy family from the larger Alnwick Castle, 7 miles northwest, gained control of Warkworth Castle, with them extending the Castle to what can be seen today. The Percy family worked for English Kings, trying to control the English / Scottish Border. It is claimed they used Warkworth as their main Castle at that time.

1364 - Henry Percy Hotspur was born at Warkworth Castle, becoming one of the most famous Knights in English history, leading English forces on campaigns into Scotland and Europe.

1489 - the Hermitage was built into Rock on the bank of the River Coquet under 1 mile west of Warkworth to be used for religious services, with boat trips now available to cross the River for visits.

1700s - Warkworth Castle began falling into disrepair as the Percy family were mainly living at Alnwick Castle.

1800s - repairs were made to Warkworth Castle to prevent further decline.

1984 - English Heritage took control of Warkworth Castle to serve as a Tourist Attraction, with entrance fees used to maintain the Castle.

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