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Berwick upon Tweed

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Berwick upon Tweed or just Berwick is a Town in Northumberland northeast England, 63 miles north of Newcastle, 3 miles south of the Border with Scotland. North Berwick is in Scotland, 39 miles north.

Berwick is popular for its Ramparts / Town Walls, Museum & Art Gallery at the Ramparts, Bridges, Castle Ruins by the Bridges, River or Sea Boat Trips and Walking.

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The image top is of Castlegate with the main street running from the Arch down into Berwick centre named Marygate. The main Building at the bottom of Marygate is the Town Hall completed in 1754, where at times you can take Tours around the building with its Old Jails.

There is a a vast Car Park to the left just before the Arch, ideal for exploring Berwick.

The Car Park is at the top side of Berwick Ramparts, or City Walls, that run round much of Old Berwick. The earliest parts of the Ramparts were built for King Edward 1 in the 1300s, soon after he captured Berwick from the Scots.

The Ramparts seen today were mainly built from the 1550s for Queen Elizabeth 1.

Magdalene Fields Golf Club is a short walk east of the Car Park, founded in 1903.

Next to the Golf Club is Berwick Holiday Park looking over the sea with a Beach.

Berwick Museum and Art Gallery is the top Attraction in the Town, in Berwick Barracks, at the top side of the Ramparts, close to the Car Park. The Museum covers the History of Berwick and the Military Units that used the Buildings over the centuries.

St Andrews Church is next to the Museum on the Parade, a scenic Square, built in 1859 as a Presbyterian Church.

Berwick Parish Church is also on the Parade, next to St Andrews Church, completed in 1652.

You can walk along the Ramparts for great views with Information Boards here and there giving the History.

Where the Ramparts pass the south side of the Town Centre is the Main Guard Museum. This Building was one of four Guardhouses along the Ramparts, the only one left, with interesting History of Berwick and Battles in and around the Town.

Just along from the Main Guard is the Chandlery where you can take Boat Trips on the River Tweed, or out to Sea.

Next to the Chandlery is Berwick Old Bridge from the early 1600s. Before this Bridge, there had been a number of Wooden Bridges, all destroyed by Floods or Battles.

The New Road Bridge, or Royal Tweed Bridge, is next to the Old Bridge, completed in 1928.

The Railway Viaduct, or Royal Border Bridge, was built in the 1840s, a short walk west. This Bridge is part of the East Coast Main Line that runs between London and Edinburgh.

Next to the Viaduct are the remains of Berwick Castle. This Castle was built in the 1100s for the Scottish King David I, with it being captured by the English a number of times during wars between England and Scotland. Berwick officially became part of England after an Invasion of Scotland in 1482. Wiki Information.

Castle Vale Park is up a steep path above the Castle Ruins with great views over the Viaduct.


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