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Tullie House Museum Carlisle

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Tullie House Museum is in the centre of Carlisle in Cumbria northwest England, between the Cathedral and Castle.

The Museum and Art Gallery has an entrance fee. Postcode: CA3 8TP

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The image top is from Carlisle Castle looking across to the Tullie House Museum with the Cathedral further up that street by the Town centre Market Square.

This is a fairly large Museum covering Cumbria from Pre-History to this Century.

The second image is of the Tullie Museum section for Pre-Roman / Pre-History, giving information on living conditions in Cumbria at the time.

Carlisle has a fascinating History due to its location close to the Border between England and Scotland. First the Roman occupation and building of Hadrian's Wall from the 100s to 400s, and the many Battles with the Scots after the Roman's left. Battles with large Scottish Armies took place from the 1100s to the 1740s.

The Roman Section of the Tullie Museum has a good selection of Roman artifacts, stonework, and information about Roman life in this area.

Hadrian's Wall ran through Carlisle, in the area just behind Carlisle Castle. You can pick up the Hadrian's Wall Path at Bitts Park next to Carlisle Castle. The path leads 17 miles west to Bowness-on-Solway, about 65 miles east to Newcastle. This is one of the top Walking Trails in the UK. Carlisle Roman Fort (Luguvalium) was situated where Carlisle Castle now stands.

The Border Reivers section covers landowners located on each side of the border between England and Scotland. The Reivers were known for raids across the border stealing livestock and valuables. Murder on these raids was common. The Reivers operated from the 1200s to the 1600s. King James 1st of Scotland and 6th of England brought an end to the Reivers raids.

There is a large map showing where each Family had land on each side of the Border. This section also gives information on the wars between England and Scotland, when Carlisle was fought over a number of times.

The bottom image is of the Tullie House section of the Museum, the Jacobean style Mansion House the modern Museum is built around.

This section lets you experience what life was like for the wealthy in the 1700s & 1800s.

There is also a Section for recent Famous People from the area, such as Businessmen and Sports People.

The Art Gallery at the Museum has its own Collection, and hosts Traveling Art Exhibitions.

There is also a Garden Restaurant, Gift Shop, and Interactive Displays for Children.

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