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Carlisle Cathedral

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Carlisle Cathedral is in the centre of Carlisle in Cumbria northwest England, next to the main Shopping area.

The Cathedral was built from 1122. Free to visit with a small charge if you want interior photos. Postcode: CA3 8TZ

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The image top is from Carlisle Market Square looking down Castle Street towards Carlisle Castle. The Cathedral is easily found as it towers above all the other buildings in the City centre. There are a number of car parks in the area around the Cathedral, and at the Train Station close by.

The main entrance is on the west side. The Abbey here took the status of a Cathedral in 1133, when Athelwold became the first Bishop of Carlisle.

Carlisle Cathedral History

876 - Carlisle was attacked and burned by Danes\Vikings, destroying the first Church on this site.

1122 - The earliest parts of the Cathedral seen today were built as an Augustinian Priory during the reign of King Henry I.

1133 - the Priory became a Cathedral when Athelwold became the first Bishop of Carlisle (1133–55). A Cathedral is the seat of a Bishop, nothing to do with size, although Bishops tend to have their seats in the largest Churches in the area.

1135 - The Scots took control of Carlisle, a time when Scotland and England were fighting over the Border between the two Countries.

1157 - Henry II regained control of Carlisle.

1292 - the Choir was destroyed by fire.

1315 - the choir was rebuilt.

1380 - the Tower collapsed during a Storm, demolishing the North Transept as well.

1400 to 1420 - the tower was rebuilt.

1500s early - the Priors Tower was built along with a Wall around the Cathedral and a Fortified Gate.

1540 - Carlisle Cathedral was converted from a Roman Catholic Cathedral to a Church of England by Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

1642 - the English Civil War broke out with Carlisle backing the Royalists.

1644 - a Scots army with the Parliamentarians took control of the City after an eight month siege.

1651 - the end of the Civil War , with a Parliamentarian victory, allowed the citizens to repair war damage to the Cathedral and Town.

1745 - Jacobite forces loyal to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, captured Carlisle and its Castle.

1745 December - English forces forced the Scots out of Carlisle. This being one of the last battles between the English and Scots in England.

16th April 1746 - the Battle of Culloden, by Inverness in northern Scotland, sees the Jacobite forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie defeated by the Loyalist Troops of George I, the last Battle on the British mainland.

Since 1746, Carlisle Cathedral has been restored and served as the main Church in the area, and as a major Tourist Attraction.

There are many Tombs throughout the Cathedral, of Bishops and Famous People from the area.

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