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Lanercost Priory is about 12 miles east of Carlisle, 48 miles west of Newcastle, 3 miles northeast of the town of Brampton in northern England.

The Priory is normally visited by people also visiting Hadrian's Wall, as it is situated about half of a mile north of the Priory.

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The image top is from the car park at the entrance to Lanercost.

The second image is of the Cafe and Shops.

The third image is of the Priory showing the section on the left that has been maintained to serve as a Parish Church, and the section on the right now in ruin.

The ruined section is run by English Heritage with a gift shop. There is an entrance fee for this part of the Priory.

The earliest parts of the Priory are from the 1100s. It was caught up in the wars between England and Scotland in the late 1200s, used by Edward I three times on his raids into Scotland.

The Priory was damaged by Scottish forces in 1296 led by William Wallace, and further damaged in 1311 by Robert the Bruce and his troops.

The Priory was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1538, seeing it awarded to Lord Dacre, who used part of the building as a Mansion House.

Financial problems over the following centuries saw the building fall into disrepair, leading to the ruined part of the building being handed over the English Heritage in 1929, with the Nave retained to serve as a Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene.

The Nave of Lanercost Priory is open to visitors free of charge, with a donation box by the entrance with donations used for repairs of the building.

There is normally a service at 11:00 am each Sunday, and Holy Communion celebrated most Wednesdays at 10:00 am.

Next to the Priory is a scenic Old Bridge & Mill House, Large Images

The Lanercost Festival of Music and Arts is normally held over a week in mid June. Facebook

If you are on the Hadrian's Wall trail, traveling east, your next attraction will be Birdoswald Roman Fort 4 miles northeast, passing the remains of Banks Turret 1 mile northeast.

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