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Brampton is a market town situated between Carlisle and Newcastle, 9 miles east of Carlisle, 48 miles west of Newcastle.

This is a bustling town with local shops, popular butchers, 2 hotels, 2 bars, and a Farmers Market normally held on Saturday.

There are a number of attractions in the area such as a large Priory, Hadrian's Wall, Talkin Tarn, Aviation Museum, Farm Park, 4 Golf Clubs and more.

The image below is looking up Front Street towards the Market Square. The Howard Hotel is on the right.

Brampton Map . Attractions

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Bramptom centre image

The image below is of Brampton Market Place / Square with the Nags Head bar with beer garden on the right.

The octagonal Moot Hall built in 1817, now serves as a Visitor Information Centre. This is where the Farmers Market is held, normally on Saturday.

The road up to the right leads to Talkin Tarn and Brampton Golf Club.

Brampton Market Square image

The image below is of Main Street at the Scotch Arms for a bar, bistro and accommodation.

Scotch Arms Brampton image

The image below is also from Main Street looking east to the Brampton Methodist Church. The road up past the church leads to Lanercost Priory, Banks Turret with a short section of Hadrian's Wall, Birdoswald Roman Fort with a good section of Hadrian's Wall, and to the main road between Carlisle and Newcastle.

Brampton Methodist Church image

The image below is of St Martins Church at the south side of Brampton Centre. View the website for interesting history.

St Martins Church Brampton image

Brampton History

600s - Brampton was founded as an Anglian settlement, situated about one and a half miles south of Hadrian's Wall.

1100s - Brampton Old Church is built 1 mile west of present day Brampton centre.

The Old Church is built on the site of a Roman Fort with much of the stonework being from Hadrian's Wall and buildings.

1200s - Brampton and other border towns begin being attacked by Border Reivers (Border Raiders) raiding the towns and farms for livestock & valuables.

The Reivers were from both sides of the border, although more on the Scots side, and murdered anyone that got in their way.

1252 - Brampton became a market town after being granted a Market Charter by King Henry III.

1600s - King James 1st of Scotland and 6th of England puts an end to the Border Reivers.

1745 November - During the Jacobite rising, Charles Edward Stuart stayed in Brampton for one night.

The place he stayed at is marked by a plaque on a shop wall on High Cross Street.

Charles Edward Stuart took control of Carlisle at that time, but only for a short period, as he withdrew his army back to Scotland in January 1746.

1746 April - Battle of Cullodon by Inverness in Scotland sees the Jacobite forces defeated by British Government Forces, the last battle in the UK.

1746 October - six Jacobites were hanged from the Capon Tree to the south of Brampton town centre.

There is a monument where the original tree once stood, and a new oak tree has been planted on the spot to celebrate peace between Scotland and England.

1789 - the first St Martin's Church was built in Brampton.

1817 - the Earl of Carlisle funded the building of the octagonal Moot Hall.

The octagonal building replaced a building from 1648 that had been used by Oliver Cromwell to house prisoners.

1837 - the Carlisle to Newcastle railway opened with the Brampton station situated about 1.5 miles south of the town.

1878 - the present St Martin's Church was built to replace an earlier church on the site.

1952 - the first Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile road race took place. Famous winners include Steve Cram and Ron Hill.