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The Click on Interactive Map below shows the first settlements in North America on the East Coast from the early 1600s.

The Wild West evolved later through Ranching, Farming, Gold and Silver.

Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, leading to European Colonies being set up on the East Coast from the 1600s, mainly from Britain, Holland, France & Spain, leading to many battles with the Native Indians.

1760s, Britian gained control of most of the East Coast of America.

The British discouraged people from settling further West to prevent more Battles with Indians in the West.

1783, America gained Independence from Britain, leading to people exploring the Wild West. The first Frontiersmen went in search of Furs, Skins, Gold and to Map the best land for Farming and Ranching.

Many of the Frontiersmen later led Wagon Trains into the West, to Land they had mapped on their earlier expeditions. This led to Wars with the Native Indians, and Mexico, as the Settlers began taking land from the Indians and Mexicans.

Many Towns were formed where Gold or Silver was found, or on the Cattle Trails.

The Railways began running on the East Coast from 1827, then began running West, reaching the West Coast in 1869.

1890, most Indians had agreed to live on Reservations, ending the Indian Wars.

The Gold and Silver Mines led to great wealth, and a number of Outlaws.

Cattle Towns also attracted Outlaws, and Marshals that were often ex Outlaws, leading to the Wild West.

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