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The Articles in this section of the Website are mainly written by J Parker, or have been sent in by Citizens around the UK.

These articles may give information not 100 percent accurate, simmilar to Newspapers, Politicians, and your Employer.

The Jump - celebrities risking life & limb in winter sports

New UK Reality Soap - actors play themselves, a Super Soap

Is Louis Walsh Deranged If not, the excuse will be interesting

Top Gear - I thought this was supposed to be a car show

Im A Celebrity - being tortured for two weeks on national TV

Joey Essex Is Not Mad according to our findings

The Only Way Is Essex - Where the f-ck is Essex

J Parker Inventions - mad or soon to be reality

Brexit - in or out of EU - simple procedure - anything but

President Trump - strange way to win an election

Viewers Stories Sent In

The Klumpets - serious contenders for craziest family in UK

Craziest Court Case Ever - dumbest witnesses on the planet

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