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Below is a list of Websites for the city of Stirling. Stirling is an historic city with a large fortress castle in the centre of the city, Wallace Monument on the east side, and Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre on the south side. Google Map

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Stirling Websites

RS Stirling - history, images attractions and accommodation

Stirling Tour Bus - around the top attractions all day

Your Stirling - attractions, shopping, business

Undiscovered Scotland - history and many images

Wiki - Stirling - in depth history of Stirling

Stirling Gov - information on tours, attractions, and more

In Stirling - city guide, map, Wallace Monument, stirling castle

Stirling Castle - large historic castle in the city centre

Stirling Restaurants - Google Maps with Reviews

Stirling Shops - Google Maps with Reviews

Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre . Map - battlesite of 1314

National Wallace Monument . Map - northeast side of Stirling

Old Stirling Photos - Francis Frith nostalgic photos

Stirling Train Station . Map - to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness

Stirling News - local news for Stirling

Stirling Walking Routes - in and around Stirling

BBC Stirling Weather - 5 day weather forecast


Ents24 Stirling - music, shows, comedy throughout the year

The Albert Halls . Map - top venue for entertainment Stirling

Stirling Night Clubs - Google Maps with Reviews

Vue Cinema . FK8 1QZ - mainstream movies modern cinema


Stirling Golf Club . Map - on the west side of Stirling

RSearch Stirling Area Golf - most golf courses in the area

Stirling Albion Football Club - play at Forthbank Stadium from July to May Map

Annual Events

Stirling Gov - list of annual events/festivals

Bridge of Allan Highland Games - on the east side of Stirling in August 1st week


RSearch - Stirling Hotels - full list of Stirling Hotels

Stirling Google Maps Hotels - with Reviews

Stirling Google Maps B&Bs - with Reviews

Google Maps Self Catering - with Reviews

Google Maps Hostels - with Reviews

La Fortuna Lodges - holiday lodges 4 miles east of Stirling

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