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Below is a list of Relevant Websites for the town of Melrose in Scotland, RS-Melrose. Melrose is a popular tourist town in the Scottish Borders with an Abbey that attracts many visitors from around the world.

Melrose Map . Melrose Photos

Melrose Attractions Click on Map

Melrose Websites

Melrose Bordernet - for attractions, shopping, business

RS Melrose - attractions, accommodation, images

Undiscovered Scotland - history and many images

Wiki - Melrose - in depth history of Melrose

Melrose Abbey - burial of Robert the Bruce's heart town centre

Melrose Restaurants - Google Maps with Reviews

Melrose Shops - Google Maps with Reviews

Abbotsford House . Map - Walter Scott museum 3miles west

Melrose Train Station - opened in 1849, closed in the 1969

Old Melrose Photos - Francis Frith nostalgic photos

BBC Melrose Area Weather - 5 day weather forecas


Ents24 Melrose - music, shows, comedy in the Melrose area

The Wynd Theatre Melrose - theatre of Melrose Arts Trust


Melrose Golf Course . Map - 9-hole golf course on south side

Melrose Rugby Club - play Greenyards park August to March

RSearch Borders Golf - many golf courses by Melrose/Borders

Annual Events

Melrose 7s - international rugby tournament at Melrose, April

Borders Book Festival - held in June each year


RSearch - Melrose Hotels - a full list of Melrose Hotels

Melrose Google Maps Hotels - with Reviews

Melrose Google Maps B&Bs - with Reviews

Google Maps Self Catering - with Reviews

Area Tour / Camp Parks

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