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Below is a list of Relevant Websites for the Town of Irvine, RS-Irvine. Irvine is a seaside town in Ayrshire southwest Scotland, surrounded by top golf courses, a fine beach, bar diners, cafes and restaurants.

Google Map . Irvine Photos

Area Attractions Click on Map

Irvine Town Websites

Irvine Ayrshire - local website for the history of Irvine

Irvine Burns Club & Museum - Robert Burns in Irvine & walks

Ayrshire Scotland - images, accom, bar/diners, restaurants

Undiscovered Scotland - history and many images

Wiki - Irvine - in depth history of Irvine

Ayrshire Roots Irvine - history of Irvine and surrounding area

Irvine Restaurants - Google Maps with Reviews

Irvine Shops - Google Maps with Reviews

Scottish Maritime Museum . Map - by Irvine harbour

Gailes golf & leisure centre . Map - south side health, diners

Eglinton Country Park & Castle - on the north side of Irvine Wiki Page . Map

Irvine Train Station . Map - links Ayr, Prestwick, Glasgow

Prestwick Airport . Map - 9 miles south Ryanair flights Europe

Old Irvine Photos - Francis Frith nostalgic photos

BBC Irvine Weather - 5 day weather forecast


Western Gailes Golf Club . Map - links course south side

Dundonald Links golf course . Map - south side links course

Gailes Links golf course . Map - south side links course

Irvine Golf Club . Map - north side of Irvine links course

Ravenspark Golf Club . Map - north side parks course

Ayrshire Golf - 20 top golf courses around Irvine

Irvine Sports Club . Map - athletics, cricket, football, rugby, aerobics, bar


Events24 Irvine - theatre, shows, music in Irvine and Ayrshire

Irvine Night Clubs - Google Maps with Reviews

Annual Events

Marymass Festival - August parade, pipe bands, heavy horses racing


Ayrshire Scotland - Irvine Hotels - a full list of Irvine Hotels

Irvine Google Maps Hotels - with Reviews

Ayrshire Scotland - B&Bs - most Irvine B&Bs

Irvine Google Maps B&Bs - with Reviews

Google Maps Self Catering - with Reviews

Area Tour / Camp Parks

See also ayrshirescotland.com for Irvine area castles, mountain hiking, islands, more.

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