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Below is a Manual List of Relevant Energy Providers in the UK for Gas and Electricity.

To save money on Energy Bills, it is best to read your own meters and send them in monthly by the Internet, or use a smart meter. This leads to lower bills, as you no longer need your metres read.

This also lets you know how many units (KWH) you are using for gas and electricity, and how much you are paying for each unit. You can go online and check your monthly statements, that show how much Gas and Electricity you have been using, and how much you have been charged for each.

If thinking of switching, you should know the price per unit of each fuel, and the daily standing charges for each fuel, from your current provider, and from the provider you are thinking about moving to.

Home Appliances Average Usage

Energy Providers UK, Big 6 supplying Gas & Electricity

British Gas - Reviews nation's Cheap Gas & Electricity Supplier

EDF Energy - Reviews one of largest home & business suppliers

E.ON - Reviews one of the leading UK energy suppliers

Npower - Reviews compare our cheap energy tariffs online

ScottishPower - Reviews gas & electricity to houses & businesses

Scottish & Southern Energy - Reviews find the right package

Smaller Providers supplying Gas & Electricity

Atlantic - Reviews renewable gas & electricity packages

Co-operative Energy - alternative choice, providing good value

First Utility - Reviews cheap gas and electricity tariffs

Ecotricity - Reviews switch today and choose green energy

iSupplyEnergy - Reviews one of newest & cheapest suppliers

Make It Cheaper - Reviews save on at home and business

Ovo Energy - Reviews aim to be most trusted energy supplier

Sainsbury's Energy - Reviews supplies gas and electricity

Utility Warehouse - Reviews guaranteed savings on energy

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Best to know the KWH you use per year, and your bill for a year.

energyhelpline.com - Compare all suppliers, switch in minutes

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