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Below is a List of Relevant Broadband Providers in the UK, RS-Broadband. Beware, all broadband providers advertise their maximum broadband speed, that can only be achieve based on ideal conditions. Where you stay has a lot to do with the speed you can actually get.

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Broadband Providers UK

BT/Broadband - unlimited Wi-Fi, super-fast Infinity

Directsavetelecom - Home Phone, Landlines, & Broadband

KCOM - broadband for business with helpful staff

EEbroadband - Superfast Fibre & Standard Broadband

John Lewis - broadband with emphasis on reliability

Madasafish - low cost broadband to UK home, with fast speeds

Plus.net - fibre optic & unlimited deals for home or business

POP Telecom - Best Deals, Phone and Broadband, Mobile

Postoffice.co.uk - standard and extra packages, 24 hour support

Sky.com - Totally Unlimited Broadband

Talktalk - Unlimited TV, broadband and phone packages

Zen - home and business broadband packages

Check type of connections available in your area & speed

Broadbandspeedchecker - check download speed of providers

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