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Redcar is a Town on the northeast coast of England, in Yorkshire, 54 miles northeast of York. This is the furthest north Beach Town in Yorkshire.

Redcar is popular for its Entertainment Centre with large Boating Pond, Beaches, Diners, Amusements, Beacon for views over the Beaches, Lifeboat Museum, Flowrider indoor watersports, Locke Park with a Lake, Tennis & Kids Play, Horse Racing, and Kirkleatham Museum and Owl Centre 2 miles west.

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The image top is of the Tuned.In.Redcar at the north end of Redcar Beach for Entertainment with a Cafe, Sand Pit, and Boating Lake.

Towards the centre of the Beach is the Steel Making Sculpture, erected in 2013 to represent the Towns connection to Fishing and Steel Making.

Next to the Steel Sculpture is the Bandstand and 9 Penguin Sculptures place here in 1994. The Penguins were temporarily removed twice, first for the 2006 filming of Atonement, where Redcar Beach was used to Film a scene for a Beach Landing during World War Two.

The Penguins were removed again while the Beach Front was re-developed, with them being returned in 2013.

The Regent Cinema is at the centre of the Beach area, built in 1935. This Cinema was closed in 2018 due to structural problems, with plans now being sought for it to be replaced by a Modern Metal & Glass Building with three Screens.

At the centre of the Beach area is The Beacon, 80 feet high with great views all around from the top, also with a Bar Diner, and Old Photos of the Town when it was really busy in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Beacon was opened in 2013 where the Old Pier used to be situated. The Old Pier was completed in 1873 at 1300 feet long for boats bringing tourist to Redcar, with a Pavilion and Ballroom at the Pier. The Old Pier closed in 1980 after being declared unsafe, with it being demolished in 1981.

The Promenade south of The Beacon is the busiest part of Redcar with a number of Amusements and Cafes.

The Zetland Lifeboat Museum is on the South Promenade, with the Zetland being to Oldest Surviving Lifeboat in the World.

The High Street is close to the South Promenade at The Beacon, where most of the Shops can be found.

On the High Street is the King Edward Clock, erected in 1913 in memory of King Edward VII.

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