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Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, sixth largest in the United States. Philadelphia used to be the second largest City in the British Empire, after London. This was the main City of the original 13 American colonies, and the place where the American Revolution for Independence began.

The currency in the U.S. is the US Dollar. Beer Prices. Currency Converter.

Flight times from UK Airports to Philadelphia are about 8 hours.

Philadelphia International Airport is about 12 miles southwest of Philadelphia centre. There are regular Trains & Buses that run between the Airport and City. Google Map.

Airlines that fly between the UK & Philadelphia are: British Airways.

Independence Hall is in the centre of Philadelphia, one of the most historic Buildings in the U.S.

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Independence Hall Philadelphia image

Independence Hall is the place where the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution were debated and passed.

The Building was completed in 1753 as the Pennsylvania State House. The Building is now part of Independence National Historical Park, listed as a World Heritage Site.

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The Liberty Bell Center is situated next to Independence Hall.

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Liberty Bell Center image

The Liberty Bell is one of the main symbols of the American Revolutionary War. The Bell was rung to announce the start of the First Continental Congress in 1774, and after the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775. The Bell has been referred to as the Independence Bell, or the Old Yankee's Bell. In 1837, it was adopted by the American Anti Slavery Society.

You do not need tickets to visit the Liberty Bell Center. Reviews

The National Constitution Center is situated about 0.3 of a mile north of Independence Hall.

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National Constitution Center image

Visits start with a Theater Presentation named, Freedom Rising. An Actor with multimedia, explains the History of the Constitution, and how the definition of, We the People, has developed over time.

The main Exhibit Hall has three concentric rings of exhibits, such as the Constitutional history, artifacts, and original documents. Reviews

Betsy Ross House is situated about 0.6 of a mile northeast of the Independence Hall.

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Betsy Ross House image

The Betsy Ross House is said to be the place where Betsy Ross lived when she may have made the first American Flag. Many of her family members, such as daughters, grandchildren and a niece, claim this was where the flag was made.

Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, with a small entrance fee. Reviews

Franklin Square is situated about 0.6 of a mile north of the Independence Hall.

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Franklin Square Fountain image

Franklin Square is one of five public squares designed by William Penn in his plans for developing the city in the late 1600s. The square has recently been transformed.

The park now has several family friendly attractions, including a miniature golf course, classic carousel, picnic area, and more.

The Independence Seaport Museum is about 0.7 of a mile southeast of the Independence Hall.

The Museum opened in 1961 as the Philadelphia Maritime Museum. It was moved here to Penn's Landing in 1995, and renamed the Independence Seaport Museum.

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Independence Seaport Museum image

Displays cover many maritime artifacts, ship models, and full sized boats, such as the USS Olympia, one of the US first steel Warships, and the World War II submarine USS Becuna.

About 1 mile south, is the liner SS United States, fastest liner ever built, moored in port while awaiting a decision on its future. You can view the liner from the gates only.

Directly across the river is the Battleship New Jersey, now serving as a Museum. This was one of the largest Battleships ever built during WWII, a must visit historic Museum. Taxis are the best way to cross the Benjamin Frankline Bridge into Camden / New Jesrey to visit the Battleship, or take the Ferry.

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The Spirit of Philadelphia, small cruise ship, is situated about 0.7 of a mile southeast of the Independence Hall, next to the Seaport Museum.

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Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise Ship image

The Spirit of Philadelphia offers dining, dancing, entertainment, waterfront views and cruises.

Also at Penns Landing is the Moshulu Restaurant, onboard the four-masted steel barque, the Moshulu.

The Chart House Restaurant is also situated at Penns Landing, next to where the Spirit of Philadelphia docks.

The Philadelphia City Hall is situated about 1 mile northwest of the Independence Hall.

The City Hall is the Government Building. At 548 feet, including the Statue of William Penn on top, it is the world's second highest masonry Building, only 1.6 feet shorter than the Mole Antonelliana in Turin.

Philadelphia City Hall image

The weight of the Building is supported by walls up to 22 feet thick.

City Hall and Tower tours are available most week days, check the website for times.

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Philadelphia Cathedral (Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul) is situated about 1.5 of a mile northwest of the Independence Hall.

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Philadelphia Cathedral image

The Cathedral is one of the top architectural structures in the city.

Under the main altar of the Cathedra, is a crypt that holds the remains of most of the former Bishops and Archbishops.

You can explore the inside of the cathedral when mass is not being conducted. Check the website for mass information. Reviews

The Barnes Foundation is situated about 1.6 miles north of the Independence Hall at the south end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

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New Barnes Foundation building image

The Barnes Foundation is an Educational Art Institution founded in 1922 by Albert C. Barnes, who collected Art after making a fortune by co developing an Antiseptic Drug marketed as Argyrol.

The Foundation now holds over 2,500 objects from around the world, including 800 Paintings claimed to be worth about $25 billion. Reviews

The Franklin Institute is situated about 1.7 miles northwest of the Independence Hall, at the south end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, in front of the Swann Memorial Fountain as seen in the image.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art can be seen in the distance, at the north end of the Parkway.

Franklin Institute image

The Franklin Institute is one of the oldest Centers of Science Education & Development in the US. The Institute has three centers - The Science Center, The Franklin Center, and The Center for Innovation in Science Learning. It also holds the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial .

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art is situated about 2.5 miles northwest of the Independence Hall, in Fairmount Park, north end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Philadelphia Museum of Art image

The Institution is claimed to be one of the largest Museums in the United States. Its collections contains over 225,000 objects. The Museum holds over 200 Galleries covering 2,000 years. It does not hold any Egyptian, Roman, or Pre-Columbian art, as the University of Pennsylvania displays these Artifacts.

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The University of Pennsylvania Museum is situated about 2.5 miles west of the Independence Hall.

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University of Pennsylvania Museum image

The Museum is situated in a Beaux Arts building, most notable structure in the university campus.

The museum's collections are displayed in over 30 galleries, with objects from around the world such as: China, Egypt, Iraq & Mesoamerica. Reviews

30th Street Station or now the Ben Franklin Station, is the City's main Train Station, about 2 miles west of the Independence Hall.

30th Street Train Station image

This impressive Building, designed by Chicago-based architectural firm of Graham, Anderson, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Even if you are not traveling by Train, the Station is worth a visit just to experience the Building itself.

From the Station, you can board Trains to Baltimore, New York, & Washington, all just a couple of hours travel, as well as many other U.S Cities.

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The Acela Express also runs on these routes, although more expensive than the commuter trains.

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