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Below is a list of Mountains throughout the World that attract many climbers from their region and around the world.

The most climbed mountains are normally the highest mountains in that region, as most climbers want to conquer the highest peak in the region they are visiting.

Mountains are normally listed by height above sea level, or, height above their base. Mount Everest on the China and Nepal border is the highest mountain above sea level, Mount McKinley in Alaska USA is the highest above its base. Everest at 29,000 feet sits on a plateau that is about 15,000 feet above sea level, so from base to peak is about 14,000 feet. McKinley is 20,300 feet above sea level, 18,000 feet above its base.

Both measurements are useful as height above base shows how far you have to climb, and how impressive the mountain looks before you climb.

Height above sea level is extremely important when the mountain exceeds 8,000 feet as, altitude sickness can begin at this height. Bewteen 12,000 and 14,000 feet, altitude sickness becomes a real problem. From this height up, normally requires a day or two stop every now and again to aclimatise. Above 26,000 feet is regarded as the Death Zone. Oxygen in the death zone is about one third of that at sea level. Only top climbers can survive above 26,000 feet for a few days, all others have to carry bottled oxygen.

Any injury or illness in the death zone makes rescue extremely difficult. Many people that take ill at that height have to be left to die, their bodies are then left where they died, or are buried in the snow or under rocks close to where they died. Everest has well over 100 bodies laying around above 26,000 feet. Climbing the highest mountain means passing numerous bodies along the route. One part of Mount Everest has been named Rainbow Valley, due to the number of corpses laying around that area with their different coloured climbing jackets.

Most mountains of a few thousand feet have a number of areas that can be deadly. Mountains with tourist trails up to a 5,000 feet climb, 3 - 8 hours in time, can attract climbers with very little climbing experience, or none at all. Mist and cloud lead to some novice climbers, and intermediate climbers, straying off the main trails and falling over cliffs.

The mountains listed below start in the UK where a mountain over 3,000 feet is regarded as high and a good challenge taken in one day. The list then shows European mountains that work up to 15,000 feet, then Africa, Americas, and finally the Asian mountains over 29,000 feet. Feet above base listed below may be from where the walking route starts from.

Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike
9 miles south of Keswick, in Cumbria / England 3,209 ft above sea level, 3009 ft above its base. Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England at 978 metres or 3,209 ft. The second largest mountain in England, Sca Fell, is next to it. These moutains are poplar from the north 9 miles south of Keswick, and from the west from the remote Wasdale Head area as seen in this image. The west route is normaly used by people travelling up from the south.
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Southern Ireland, 3,406 ft above sea level, 3,330 ft above its base. Carrauntoohil is the highest mountain in Ireland, 15 miles west of the town of Killarney on the Macgillycuddy's Reeks range in the southwest of Ireland. This mountain takes 3 hours plus to climb and is described as can be dangerous with areas of loose rock. There have been a number of fatalities on the mountain, so the climb should be taken seriously. There are narrow roads that lead into the mountains from all directions to a car park close to the base of Carrauntoohil. There are 13 mountains in Ireland above 3,000 feet. Images
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Mount Snowdon image

Mount Snowdon
By Llanberis in North Wales 3,494 ft. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales 3,560 ft above sea level, most climbed mountain in the UK. The Snowdon Mountain Railway runs to the top if you dont want to hike to the top.

There is a restaurant and shop at the top station, about 60 feet below the summit. The main walking routes take about 6 hours to the top and back, the railway and tourist paths start from the town of Llanberis.
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Ben Nevis image

Ben Nevis
Scotland Highlands, 4,408 feet above sea level, 4,340 feet above its base. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles, situated by the town of Fort William. Most hikers use the Mountain Track. Novice walkers following this Tourist Trail take about 3 to 5 hours to reach the summit. Climbers and mountaineers use the 2,300 ft high cliffs of the north face. Most fatalities are from climbing the cliffs, and many by straying off the main trail in bad weather. It is said there are more deaths on Ben Nevis than on Mount Everest. There are 283 mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet.
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Northwest Sweden, 6,909 feet above sea level, 4,662 ft above its base. Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden situated in Lapland, about 800 miles north of Stockholm. This is a popular climb in summer with the main tourist route departing from the very small village of Nikkaluokta. There are regular planes, trains and buses to the village from southern Sweden. From Nikkaluokta, it is about 12 miles to the start of the trail up the mountain from the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge, that is 2,264 ft above sea level.

Getting to the lodge is an adventure in itself, as you can hike the 12 miles, take a boat trip part of the way and hike the rest, or take a helicopter that operates all day in summer. The climb to the summit from the lodge takes 4 - 6 hours, and can be dangerous in parts with ice. The closest town with a number of hotels is Kiruna 40 miles east of Nikkaluokta.

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Central Norway, 8,100 feet above sea level, 2,000 feet above its base. Galdhopiggen is the highest mountain in Norway situated about 240 miles northwest of Oslo. The main tourist route is from the Juvasshytta Mountain Lodge that is about 6,000 ft above sea level. You can make the climb yourself or join a guided tour that departs most days. There is ice so can be dangerous in places.

Regular buses run from Oslo and other Norwegian towns to the tourist village of Lom and Juvasshytta Lodge, that are 20 miles apart. The area is a popular tourist destination and there is a Ski Centre on the mountain.

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Pyrenees, France & Spain border, 11,168 feet above sea level, 4,100 ft above its base. Aneto is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees mountain range that runs along the border between southern France and northern Spain. The area has a Ski Resort and National Park, so there are plenty of buses that run to the area from Spain and France.

For the climb, many people base at the closest town of Benasque in the Hotel Aneto, they then take a bus from Benasque into the Natural Park of Posets-Maladeta to the area named La Besurta, then walk about 30 minutes to the Refuge of La Renclusa at 7,000 feet. The climb to the summit begins at the refuge and crosses a glacier on the way. Close to the top is a narrow ridge named The Bridge of Mohamed, with extremely high drops either side as can be seen on the video. You can also stay at the refuge.
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Southern Spain, 11,413 feet above sea level, 6,700 ft above its base. Mulhacen is the highest mountain in Spain, situated in the Siera Nevada Mountain Range in the Granada region of southern Spain, about 80 miles northeast of Malaga. The popular route to the summit is from the village of Capileira at 4,700 ft above sea level.

Most summit attempts depart Capileira and spend a night at the mountain Refuge at Poqueira at 8,100 ft, but some try it in one day. The mountain is classed as dangerous with ice, snow, avalanches and strong winds much of the year. Also, it can get extremely warm in the height of summer.
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Mount Cook image

Mount Cook
New Zealand, 12,316 feet above sea level, 5,500 feet above its base. Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, situated on South Island in the Aoraki, Mount Cook National Park, about 7 miles north of Mount Cook Village, 223 miles west of Christchurch. To climb the mountain, you have to travel by road to mount Cook Village, then fly to the Plateau Hut on The Grand Plateau on Mt Cook at about 7,000 feet above sea level.

Most people climbing this mountain use a company like Alpine Guides that take 6 days to prepare and climb the mountain. The climb is about 5,500 feet, and takes about 15 - 18 hours. This can be an extremely dangerous mountain with changing conditions and strong winds.
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Mont Blanc image

Mont Blanc
Alps, France & Italy border, 15,782 feet above sea level, 8,000 ft above its base. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe. The main climb route is from the scenic French town of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains at 4,200 ft above sea level. From the village you take the Tramway du Mont-Blanc up to the Eagle's Nest at 7,800 ft above sea level.

From there, the climb begins and passes through the Gouter corridor then up to the Refuge on the mountain Dome du Gouterat 14,121 ft, where you stay overnight. From the refuge, you make the final 1,600 ft climb to the summit of Mont Blanc. This is reported to be the deadliest mountain in the world, with about 60 deaths in one year alone.

Many climbers visiting this region also want to climb the fearsome looking 14,692 ft Matterhorn and the 13,025 ft Eiger with its deadly north face, 6,000 ft almost straight down.
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Mount Ararat image

Mount Ararat
Turkey & Iran border, 16,854 feet above sea level, 10,000 ft above its base. Mount Ararat is a dormant volcano with two peaks, Greater Ararat and Lesser Ararat at 12,782 ft. To climb this mountain you need a permit and use a certified Turkish guide. The guides offer 4 - 9 day excursions of the local area and the climb to the top.

The adventure starts from the Turkish town of Dogubayazit at 5,300 feet above sea level. You take a truck from the town to the bottom of the mountain at 6,500 ft. The first overnight camp is at 10,500 ft. The next part of the climb is to another camp at 14,000 ft. The next day you climb to the summit. The climb is fairly straight forward with the main hazards being snow, ice, exhaustion and altitude.
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Mount Elbrus image

Mount Elbrus
Eastern Russia, 18,510 feet above sea level, 7,100 ft above its base. Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano in the western Mountain Range close to the Russian border with Georgia. The main route to the top is from the Mount Elbrus Ski Resort of Azau Village. You take a cable car from the village to the MIR Station at 11,400 ft. You then climb to the Barrel Huts at 12,300 ft and spend time acclimatizing to the altitude.

The first part of the climb is to Priut 11 at 13,600 ft and again spend time acclimatizing to the altitude. The final climb to the summit from Priut 11 is about 5,000 ft. The closest town to Azau Village, and gateway to the region is Mineralnye Vody, about 150 miles north. The climb is fairly straight forward with the main hazards being the snow, ice, exhaustion and altitude.
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Mount Kilimanjaro
Tanzania, Africa, 19,341 feet above sea level, 14,000 ft above its base. Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano situated in the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, East Africa. There are six official trekking Routes to the Top taking between 5 and 9 days. Most people climbing this mountain do through an agency as it has become a really busy mountain and you can only climb the mountain with reputable guides.

The most popular routes have huts at the end of each stage. Other less popular routes mean sleeping in tents. The way to the mountain is normaly fly to Nairobi in Kenya, then travel by road 128 miles south to one of the villages at the base of the mountain. Some airlines fly direct to the smaller Kilimanjaro Airport. The climb is fairly straight forward with the main hazards being exhaustion and altitude.
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Mount McKinley image

Mount McKinley / Denali
Alaska, USA, 20,320 feet above sea level, 13,000 feet above its base camp. Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America and the United States, the highest mountain on land when measured from its base to the summit, 18,000 ft. To climb this mountain takes between 2 and 3 weeks, with the most popular route having base camp at 7,800 ft, and other camps at 9,500 ft; 11,000 ft; 14,200 ft; and 17,200 ft.

The route to the mountain is fly to Anchorage, main town in Alaska, then drive/bus 113 miles north to the village of Talkeetna where you take a ski plane up to base camp at 7,800 ft. Most people climbing this mountain use guides as it is extremely dangerous with 11 climbers dying in one season alone. There is a high altitude helicopter that can be used for rescue, when the weather is suitable.
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Western Andes, Peru, 22,205 feet above sea level, 12,000 ft above its base. Huascaran is situated in the Cordillera Blanca range of the Western Andes, the highest mountain in Peru. To climb the mountain after altitude training of 2 or 3 weeks, is to start from the village of Musho at 10,000 ft and climb up to base camp at 14,000 ft on day 1, climb to 18,000 ft on day 2, climb to 20,000 ft on day 3, then to the summit on day 4.

This is a dangerous mountain with strong winds, ice falls, and avalanche zones, so most people use guides. The way to the mountain is fly to the city of Lima, travel by bus 260 miles north to the city of Huaraz, then taxi 50 miles north to the village of Musho.
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The most climbed mountains in Peru are the ones on the Inca Trail over 10,000 ft leading to the Inca town of Machu Picchu located on a ridge at about 7,700 ft, a 7 day climb. Machu Picchu is about 800 miles southeast of Huascaran.
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Andes, Argentina, 22,831 feet above sea level, 14,600 ft above its base. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas, situated in the Andes mountain range in western Argentina, 70 miles northwest of the city of Mendoza, 750 miles west of Buenos Aires, close to the border with Chile, 140 miles northeast of Santiago in Chile. The way to the mountain is fly to Santiago or Mendoza, or to Buenos Aires then Mendosa, then a bus from Mendosa into the Aconcagua Provincial Park for the beginning of the climb at 8,200 ft.

You need a permit and most climbers use guides. There are two main routes that are described as fairly straight forward with the main hazards being ice and altitude. The Polish Traverse route takes about 14 days, moving your gear up, plus resting and getting used to the altitude. The first 6 days are spent getting yourself and gear up to camp 1 at 16,200 ft. By the 10th day, everything needed should be at camp 2 at 19,200 ft. After a rest and weather permitting, on day 12 you go for the summit taking between 10 and 12 hours for the round trip.
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China & Pakistan border, 28,251 feet above sea level, 19,100 above its base. K2 is the second highest mountain after Mount Everest, situated on the Karakoram Range, on the border between Pakistan and China. This mountain is considered the most dangerous to climb of the 26,000ft plus mountains with about a 23% Death Rate. Eleven climbers of a 31 strong team died here 3rd August 2008 close to the summit, one died by falling on the way up, one trying to recover his body, and the rest on the way back down towards top camp due mainly to ice falls. See the video below for the fateful climb. Most of their bodies, and body parts, ripped apart in the ice falls, remain high on the mountain.

There are a number of routes to the top with the most popular now becoming the Abruzzi Spur, taking about 70 days all in, costing about £31,000 for the package.

The way to K2 is fly to Islamabad northeast Pakistan, make your way 207 miles northeast to the village of Askole at 9,100 ft by jeep, then trek for about 14 days to base camp on the Godwin Austin glacier at 16,700 ft.

Between camp 2 and 3 is the most difficult part of the climb, consisting of about 1,300 ft of near vertical climbing on mixed rock and ice. Top camp 4 is at about 26,000 ft. The final 2,200 ft push to the summit takes about 12 hours from camp 4 and is where most people die by falling or by ice falls.

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China & Nepal border, 29,029 feet above sea level, 19,600 ft above above its base. Mount Everest is the worlds highest mountain with two main climbing routes, the North Ridge from Tibet, and the slightly easier and more popular Southeast Ridge from Nepal, first climbed by Edmund Hillary in 1953. Packages for this up to 70 day climb can cost between £30,00 and £40,000. You can obtain more basic packages of around £7,000 that get you and your equipment onto the mountain, then you are on your own.

The southeast base camp is at about 18,000 ft, and top camp 4 at about 26,000 ft. The final 3,000 ft push for the summit normally starts about midnight, taking about 10 hours.

Above Camp 4 at 26,000 ft, you are in the Death Zone, where you can only survive for a day or two using up your bottled oxygen. You pass Greenboots Cave at 27,890 ft where a dead Indian climber with green boots has lay since dying there in 1996. You then cross the knife edge ridge named Cornice Traverse with an 8,000 ft fall on one side, and a 10,000 ft fall on the other, climbers that fall to their death from here are said to have taken the Grand Tour.

Just above the Cornice Traverse is the Hillary Step, a 40ft rock wall at 28,740 ft.

Just before the summit, you pass Rainbow Valley, so named as there are many bodies lying around with different coloured climbing jackets. There are well over 100 bodies laying around above 26,000 ft, so the climb can be traumatic. Although there have been over 200 deaths on Everest, the percentage rate is only about 6%, low compared to other mountains close to this height with death rates over 20%.

Over 3,600 people have now made the summit of Everest. The summit is so cold at times, severe frost bite often occurs leading to toes, fingers, feet or nose having to be amputated. It is just your luck how cold it is when you reach the summit, temperature at the top cannot be predicted.

To get to the Everest Southeast Ridge route, make your way by airlines to Katmandu capital of Nepal, take a small plane to a scary airstrip at Lukla 73 miles east at 9,380 ft, then trek for about 10 days, 38 miles to Everest Base Camp at 18,192 ft. Many people do the trek to base camp only, just for the experience.
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