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Maryport is a port town on the west coast of Cumbria, built up around fishing, then later with coal, iron and shipbuilding, with the main investors being the Senhouse family. The town also has connections to the Romans, with a Roman Museum covering Roman settlements in the area.

The coal, iron and shipbuilding have been closed down, leaving fishing, small local businesses and tourism as the towns main economy.

The image below is of Senhouse Street, the main street in the town with many shops and cafes. This street runs all the way down to the harbour.

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Senhouse Street Maryport image

The image below is of the harbour area in Maryport named South Quay. The import /export of iron and coal was fazed out from this port during the 1900s. The area has now been developed for housing, leisure, tourism and the remaining fishing fleet.

Maryport Quay image

The image below is of the harbour area at Maryport where the fishing and recreation boats are moored.

Angling off the piers and promenade are said to be good for plaice, codling, whiting, coalfish and flounder.

Maryport Fishing Fleet image

The image below is of the The Lake District Coast Aquarium at the South Quay. The aquarium covers sea life mainly found in the Irish Sea, as well as Exotic creatures from around the world. The aquarium also has a cafe, crazy golf, radio controlled boats, and sells bait for sea angling.

Maryport Aquarium image

The image below is of the South Quay looking towards Senhouse Street and Maryport Christ Church built in 1872. This area also has a Maritime Museum and Indoor Fitness Centre with many activities.

Maryport Harbour image

The image below is of St Mary Church in Maryport built from 1847 and 1890. The church is sitiated on Church Street in the town centre.

Maryport St Mary Church image

The image below is of Fleming Square situated a short walk north of Maryport centre. A top photo spot in the town.

Fleming Square Maryport image

The image below is Maryport Golf Club situated about one and a half miles north of the town centre.

Maryport Golf Club image

The image below is the Maryport Golf Course formed on January 21st 1905. Visitors are welcome to play this challenging coastal course with views across the Solway Firth.

Facebook Page . Tel: 01900 812 605.

Maryport Golf Course image