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Lincoln is a City in the East Midlands of England, in the county of Lincolnshire, popular for its huge Cathedral, once the highest building in the world, historic Castle, old cobbled streets, and Boat Trips.

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Lincoln Cathedral and Castle are situated on a hill in the centre of Lincoln. These are two of the top attractions in England. The earliest parts of the Cathedral are from 1088. In 1311, it was the tallest building in the world after the Spire on the central tower was completed at 525 feet. The central Spire collapsed during a storm in 1548.

1st century BC - an Iron Age settlement was present at Lincoln

AD 48 - the Romans took control of the area and built a Fortress named Lindon, with a large settlement growing around the fort.

400s - the Romans withdrew from England, leading to the Vikings taking control of much of the country, including Lincoln.

1066 - the Norman conquest of England by William I led to Lincoln Castle being built two years later.

1092 - the first Lincoln Cathedral was completed next to the Castle.

1124 - Lincoln Cathedral is damaged by a vast fire.

1150s - Lincoln's medieval town had become one of the wealthiest towns in England, trading in cloth and wool.

1185 - Lincoln Cathedral is partially destroyed by an earthquake.

1215 - the Magna Carta was drawn up with one of the original copies being kept at Lincoln Castle.

1255 - work to build Lincoln Cathedral in a larger scale begins.

1200s late - the Bishops Palace was completed by Lincoln Cathedral, becoming one of the most important buildings in England.

1311 - the central tower Spire of the Cathedral is completed at 525 feet.

1420 - the two west towers of the Cathedral are built higher and topped with spires as well.

1548 - the central tower Spire crashed down during a storm.

1642 - 1651 - Lincoln changed hands a number of times during the English Civil War.

1700s - 1800s - Lincoln grew around the Agricultural Revolution and with the Foss Dyke Canal to transport goods in and out of the City.

1760s - the start of the Industrial Revolution led to Lincoln becoming home to many top heavy engineering companies.

1807 - the two spires on the cathedral west towers were removed.

1834 - the Great Tom bell is fitted in the central tower of the Cathedral. This 5 ton bell is rung avery hour.

1914 - 1945 - during the two World Wars, heavy engineering companies at Lincoln produced military hardware, including the first tanks.

Today - Lincoln businesses are mainly public administration, commerce, farming, and tourism.

wiki/Lincoln,_England for More History of Lincoln.

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