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Below is a list of Websites for the town of Jedburgh in Scotland. Jedburgh is a popular tourist town in the Scottish Borders with an Abbey, Castle, and Mary Queen of Scots House.

Google Map . Jedburgh Photos

Jedburgh Area Click on Map

Jedburgh Websites

Jedburgh.org - attractions, shopping, dining, family history

RS Jedburgh - hotels, history, attractions

Undiscovered Scotland - history and many images

Wiki - Jedburgh - in depth history of Jedburgh

Jedburgh Abbey - town centre Augustinian canons from 1138

Mary Queen of Scots House . Map - town centre Queen stayed

Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum . Map - life in an 1820s prison

Jedburgh Restaurants - Google Maps with Reviews

Jedburgh Shops - Google Maps with Reviews

Walk Jedburgh - the rolling hills and attractive riverside trails

Jedburgh Rotary Club - local branch for people raising charity

Old Jedburgh Photos - Francis Frith nostalgic photos

Area Walking Trails - River and Hills

BBC Jedburgh Area Weather - 5 day weather forecast


Ents24 Jedburgh - music, shows & comedy in the Jedburgh area


Jedburgh Golf Club . Map - 1 mile south of Jedburgh

Jedforest Rugby Club - Riverside Park centre August to March

Jedforest Angling - stretches of River Teviot & other club waters

RSearch Borders Golf - number of golf courses around Jedburgh

Annual Events

Jedburgh Half Marathon - usually final Sunday in October

Other Jedburgh Events - various events held throughout year


RSearch - Hotels - full list of Jedburgh Hotels

Google Maps Hotels - with Reviews

Google Maps B&Bs - with Reviews

Self-catering pine lodges - 2 miles south of Jedburgh

Google Maps Self Catering - with Reviews

Area Tour / Camp Parks

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