Harrison Stickle Hike

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Where: Harrison Stickle Hike from The New Dungeon Ghyl Hotel in the Lake District of England
When: July 2014
Weather: Really Hot, High 80s
Height: 2,414ft

Harrison Stickle is the highest mountain for hiking in the Langdale Valley, also known as the Great Langdale Valley. Some of the mountains in this area are referred to as the Langdale Pikes, situated about 7 miles west of the town of Ambleside.

The image below is from the road that leads from Ambleside to the Langdale Valley, looking towards Langdale village, and the Langdale Pikes in the distance.

Ambleside to the Langdale Valley Road Map .

Langdale Valley

The image below is of Langdale village. I had to stop here to get photos of the Langdale Holy Trinity Chapel, that sits on the side of the mountain. You can hike from here across the 1,295ft Silver How mountain to the village of Grasmere. Be a nice hike between two of the most scenic villages in England.

There is not much parking in Langdale village.

Langdale Village

The image below is of the New Dungeon Ghyl Hotel. The car park in the field here is run by the hotel in summer. There is another car park across the road run by the National Trust.

Both car parks are pay and display, with the national trust car park having a ticket machine. The hotel car park tickets can be acquired from the hotel bar. The hotel car park is slightly less expensive. The roads here are narrow with police warnings to prevent roadside parking, so best be prepared to pay for the parking.

There is a National Trust Campsite close by, and other campsites in the area.

New Dungeon Ghyl

The image below is of the route onto Harrison Stickle. Walk straight up past the hotel to a hiking gate into a small field. Go left through the field to a small bridge over the burn/ghyl.

There is a route straight through the field and up the right side of the burn, but best avoid that route.

New Dungeon Gyhl Hotel

The image below is of the man made path up the left side of the burn. This is the tourist trail to the top.

You may see a number of ghyl scramblers on the way up here.

Harrison Stickle tourist path

The image below is of the hiking bridge about one third of the way up. Almost all the hikers cross the bridge here and hike up the right hand side.

The route on the left side is actually steadier, but not as good a path as the right side. Both routes merge further up, above the waterfalls that you can see up there.

Harrison Stickle Bridge

The image below is of the tourist trail going up the right side past the water falls. This is a busy mountain with hikers everywhere, ghyl scramblers, rock climbers, and para gliders.

Langdale Pikes Tourist Path

The image below is from the rock bridge at the steep section up to Stickle Tarn. There is also a little bit of rock climbing just below this spot, that you have to scramble over.

The left side path merges here, so I took that path back down to miss the little bit of rock climbing.

Harrison Stickle Hiking

The image below is looking across Stickle Tarn to the final steep section to the top of Harrison Stickle. The tarn is about 1,500 to 1,600 feet above sea level, so it must be about 800 feet from here to the summit.

It was hitting the 90s and I had people waiting for me, so decided to leave the summit for another cooler day. There were a number of people swimming in the tarn, it was that hot.

There are trails between Harrison Stickle and a number of other mountains, just a few feet less in height, on the same range. Most trails lead back to the New Dungeon Ghyl Hotel.

Large Image.

Harrison Stickle Mountain

The image below is of the tourist trail back down Harrison Stickle, close to the waterfalls. That is the hotel down there, and the 1,538ft Lingmoor Fell on the other side of the valley. Lingmoor Fell is also a popular hike from the same car parks.

Large Image

Lingmoor Fell Hill

The image below is of the Sticklebarn Tavern, next to the New Dungeon Ghyl Hotel. Had to pop in here for a three course lunch and a few drinks.

Sticklebarn Tavern Langdale

The image below is of the Old Dungeon Ghyl Hotel, situated about one mile west of the New Dungeon Ghyl Hotel. The road down the valley basically ends here, there is a single lane hill road that leads back to Langdale over the hills. Only a farm track and the Cumbria Way go any further west.

The orange part on the top of this image is a para glider that has just jumped off the mountain.

Had to try this hotel out as well, so popped in for a drink. The old bar has to be seen.

Old Dungeon Ghyl Hotel by Langdale

The Harrison Stickle Map below shows the main tourist route onto the mountain with blue dots. The green and brown dots show the other trails that can be taken.

This was another real nice hike with great views, and all sorts of mountain activities taking place. The Cumbria Way runs up the valley, so there are many less steep walks. Even if you are not hiking or walking, the area is great to visit just for the views. Regular buses run between the hotels and Ambleside.

Make sure and take an Ordnance Survey Map and Compass on these hikes, and know how to use them, as in cloud, these mountains can be deadly. In Winter, make sure you have Crampons and an Ice Axe, and know how to use them.

Harrison Stickle Route Map