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Below is a list of Grasmere Attractions with Websites, Photos, Phone Numbers, Information and links to Maps and Reviews.

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Dove Cottage in Grasmere

Dove Cottage
On the south side of Grasmere, across the main road from the village. This was the home of William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy from 1799 to 1808. This period is said to be when Wordsworth wrote some of his finest works. The cottage is now run as a museum, and there is a larger building close by that holds more Wordsworth exhibitions. Phone number 01539 435 544 .
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St Oswald's Church Grasmere

St Oswald's Church
In the centre of Grasmere, across the road from the Garden Centre. The earliest parts of the church are believed to be from the 1200s. The poet William Wordsworth and his wife were buried in the churchyard in the 1850s. Their graves are at the rear of the church. The nave holds a memorial for William Wordsworth.
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Grasmere Garden Village image

Grasmere Garden Village
In the village centre. The garden centre combines a vast range of plants, serves hot and cold fresh food, sells books, clothes and local produce. Phone number 01539 435 255.
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The Storytellers Garden and Gift Shop at Grasmere

The Storytellers Garden and Gift Shop
In the centre of Grasmere close to the Church. This National Trust property and garden is where family storytelling performances take place throughout the year, at holidays and arranged events. Musicians and jugglers also perform, and at night, braziers and torches are used to create an interesting atmosphere.
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Grasmere Gingerbread Shop and Daffodil Garden

Gingerbread Shop & Wordsworth Daffodil Garden
Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread in the centre of Grasmere by the Church. The shop was built in 1630 to serve as the village school. Sarah Nelson began baking Gingerbread here for the Victorian tourists in the 1850s. Her gingerbread soon became famous, and is still made to her recipe today. The Wordsworth Daffodil Garden was opened in 2003, it has views of Wordsworth's grave and the River Rothay. Phone number 01539 435 428.
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Heaton Cooper Studio at Grasmere

Heaton Cooper Studio
In the centre of Grasmere by Red Lion Square, centre of Grasmere with shops and cafe's. The Studio has three galleries showing the work of the Heaton Cooper family of artists. William Heaton Cooper published his first print in 1940 named Wind and Sun, Wastwater. The collection now has more than a hundred prints by the different artists in the family. Phone number 01539 435 280.
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Allan Bank

Allan Bank
A restored Georgian mansion on the north side of Grasmere via a road from the village centre. William Wordsworth lived at Allan Bank from 1808 to 1810. The National Trust now run the house with it being first opened to the public in 2012 with interesting woodland walks. Tel; 01539 435 143.
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Fairlyland at Grasmere

A cafe and boating hire venue at the north end of Grasmere Lake on Red Bank Road, a short walk past the Garden Centre and Grand at Grasmere Hotel. Fairyland is right next to the Silver How hiking trail, and the walking trail around Grasmere Lake. This is a really scenic and peaceful spot with great views. Tel: 01539 435 060.
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Outside of Grasmere

Rydal Mount

Rydal Mount
3 miles south of Grasmere in the very small village of Rydal. This was William Wordsworth's family home from 1813 to his death in 1850. Attractions are the House, Gardens, and Tearoom. Rydal Church is also worth visiting to see the pews where the Wordsworth family worshiped. Phone number 01539 433 002.
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Rydal Hall

Rydal Hall
3 miles south of Grasmere in the very small village of Rydal. The hall is now operated as a Retreat and Holiday Centre. You can visit the gardens free of charge, doantions can be made. There is also the Old Schoolroom Teashop that is popular with visitors. Phone number 01539 432 050.
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