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England Cathedrals

Below is a list of the top England Cathedrals with Websites, Images and Reviews, such as Durham , Liverpool , St Paul's , York Minster , Lincoln and more.

A Cathedral is a Christian Church that contains the seat of a Bishop, it has nothing to do with the size of the building, although most Bishops have their seats in the largest Churches in their area.

Some are the largest by volume, type, highest, longest, or the oldest.

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Liverpool Anglican Cathedral image

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
331 feet high, 620 feet long. Built from 1904-1978, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is situated on St James' Mount, in the centre of Liverpool. This Cathedral is said to be the the largest in the UK, and the fifth largest in the world by area. Free to visit, small donations are encouraged. Phone number 0151 709 6271.
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Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral image

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
278 feet high. Built from 1962-1967, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in the centre of Liverpool, close to the huge Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. This Cathedral attracts visitors for its design rather than size. Free to visit, small donations are encouraged. Phone number 0151 709 9222.
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St Paul's Cathedral image

St Paul's Cathedral
365 feet high, 518 feet long. Built from 1665-1710, St Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the centre of London. This Cathedral is said to be the second largest in England, 17th largest in the world. Many famous people are buried in St Paul's such as Nelson, Wellington, Sir Alexander Fleming, and the architect who designed the Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren. Charges to enter are about £17 adult. Phone number 020 7246 8350.
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Westminster Abbey image

Westminster Abbey
225 feet high, 513 feet long. Built 1245-1745, The Collegiate Church of St Peter is better known as Westminster Abbey. Large Image . Situated in the centre of London, next to the Parliament building, many Royals have been Crowned here, and many Buried within its walls, also, some of the most famous people in British history are buried here, so many, there is little space left for any more tombs. Charges to enter are about £24 adult. Phone number 020 7222 5152.
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York Minster Cathedral image

York Minster Cathedral
234 feet high, 524 feet long. Built from 1220-1480, York Minster is a huge Gothic Cathedral in York, northeast England. Large Image This is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the UK, 4th largest Gothic Cathedral in the world by volume after Seville, Cologne & Amiens. Charges to enter are about £12 adult. Phone number 01904 557 200.
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Lincoln Cathedral image

Lincoln Cathedral
525 ft high original now 271 ft, 470 ft long. Built from 1185-1311, Lincoln Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in the centre of Lincoln/ England. This was the tallest building in the world for 249 years from 1300-1549. The 524 feet high central spire was never rebuilt after it collapsed in 1549. The only Cathedral to exceed this height is the 530 feet high Ulm Munster in Germany. Charges to enter are about £9 adult. Phone number 01522 561 600.
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Salisbury Cathedral image

Salisbury Cathedral
404 feet high, 442 feet long. Built from 1220-1258, Salisbury Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral in the town of Salisbury, south of England. The Cathedral has the highest Church Spire in the UK at 404 ft, has the world's oldest working clock from 1386, and has one of the four original copies of Magna Carta. Tower tours cost about £15 for adults. Phone number 01722 555 120.
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Winchester Cathedral image

Winchester Cathedral
556 feet long, Present building built 1094-1300s, Winchester Cathedral is one of the largest in England, claimed to be the longest Gothic Cathedral in Europe. King Alfred of Wessex used Winchester for his main City in 827, and Edward the Confessor was the last King to be crowned in the Old Cathedral in 1043. Most Kings were crowned at Westminster Abbey after this time, as London became the capitol of England. The novelist Jane Austen was buried in Winchester Cathedral in 1817 . The Tombs of many Saxon Kings were moved from the old building to this one. Prices about £10 adult, Tower tours from £8. Phone number 01962 857 200.
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Canterbury Cathedral image

Canterbury Cathedral
236 ft high, 515 ft long, built 1070-1834. Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury in the county of Kent, is one of the oldest, and most famous Cathedrals in England. There are many famous people buried here, including the Archbishop Thomas Becket. Charges to enter are about £14 adult. Phone number 01227 762 862.
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Durham Cathedral image

Durham Cathedral
218 feet high, 469 feet long, built 1093-1133. Durham Cathedral, in northeast England in the small City of Durham, is claimed to be one of the top Norman buildings in England, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with Durham Castle that is connected to the Cathedral by Palace Green. Free to visit, small donations are encouraged, Tower Tour about £6. Large Image. Large Interior Phone number 0191 338 7178.
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Wells Cathedral image

Wells Cathedral
160 feet high, 383 feet long, built 1176-1490. Wells Cathedral is a Church of England Cathedral situated in the small City of Wells in Somerset, southwest England. This Cathedral is claimed to be one of the top examples of early English architecture. Free to visit, donations are encouraged. Tours of the upper sections about £13. Phone number 01749 674 483.
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St. George's Chapel image

St. George's Chapel
At Windsor Castle built 1475-1500s. St George's Chapel is situated within the walls of the huge Windsor Castle, 22 miles west of London in the town of Windsor. The Chapel is the size of some Cathedrals, and the Burial place of many Royals, such as most recent: King George VI in 1952, Princess Margaret (ashes) in 2002, & Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) in 2002. Also the burial place of Henry VIII. Large Image . Visitor fees for the Castle and Chapel are about £23 per adult. Phone number 01753 848 888.
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Lichfield Cathedral image

Lichfield Cathedral
252 feet high, built 1200-1340. Lichfield Cathedral is in Lichfield in Staffordshire/ England, about 20 miles north of Birmingham. This is claimed to be the only Medieval English Cathedral with Three Spires. The Cathedral was badly damaged during the English Civil War. Restoration began in the 1660s. Entrance is free with donations encouraged. There are a few Tours that can be taken with a fee. Phone number 01543 306 100.
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Ripon Cathedral image

Ripon Cathedral
Built 1160-1547. Ripon Cathedral is the Cathedral of Ripon and Leeds, situated in the small City of Ripon, about 34 miles north of Leeds, built in Anglo-Saxon/ Gothic style. Below the Cathedral, from an earlier Church, is claimed to be one of the oldest complete Crypts in Europe from 672. Free to visit, also with Pay Tours. Phone number 01765 603 462.
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Rochester Cathedral image

Rochester Cathedral
Built 1179-1238. Rochester Cathedral is a Norman structure situated in Kent, 31 miles southeast of London. The Bishopric is claimed to be the second oldest in England, with Canterbury being the oldest. The Cathedral is only 306 feet long, but its nave is said to be the oldest in England, and it has an interesting Norman Crypt. Free to enter with donations encouraged. Phone number 01634 843 366.
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