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England Cities

Below is a list of Cities & Towns in England with links to pages that display the most Relevant Websites for each City.

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This page will be built up with the major tourist Cities & Towns in England.

England Cities

Bath - in Somerset western England popular for its Roman Baths, Museums, Boat Trips, and Georgian Architecture

Cambridge - 50 miles north of London popular for its historic colleges, buildings, museums, and river punt tours

Chester - north west England popular for it timber framed buildings, cathedral, and Roman history

Carlisle - northwest England with a castle, cathedral and close to Hadrian's Wall

Durham - north England with a Cathedral, Castle and Boat Trips

Lincoln - east central England popular for its huge Gothic Cathedral, Medievil Castle, and Historic Buildings

Liverpool - northwest England popular for its huge cathedral, museums, and The Beatles pop/rock group

London - southeast England largest city in the UK with over 100 top attractions in the city centre

Newcastle - northeast England with a castle, cathedrals and close to Hadrian's Wall

Oxford - 59 miles northwest of London popular for its museums, historic colleges, and River Thames tours

York - northeast England popular for its huge Gothic Cathedral, Old Walled City, and Boat Tours


Alnwick - northeast with a vast Castle & Gardens, Markets, Museum, and Fishing Museum

Bamburgh - northeast with a large Castle and Grace Darling Museum

Berwick - northeast by the Border with Scotland with a Large Military Museum, Old Town Walls, Castle Ruin & Boat Trips

Lindisfarne - northeast on the Holy Isle with a Priory, Museum, Castle, and Nature Reserve

Warkworth - northeast with a large Castle, Hermitage, Historic Church and Beach

See also Cumbria / Lake District

Hadrians Wall & Yorkshire

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