South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria

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The South Lakes Safari Zoo is situated between the towns of Ulverston and Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria / England, 14 miles southwest of Lakeside at the bottom of Lake Windermere, where the boat trips visit.

The Zoo is next to the smaller town of Dalton-in-Furness, about a 1 mile walk from the town centre to the Zoo if you have traveled by bus or train.

The Zoo opened in 1994 and was extended in 2015 - 2016, re-opening in April 2016. The images below are from April 2016. Postcode: LA12 0LU

South Lakes Safari Zoo Map

South Lakes Safari Zoo Cumbria image

The image below is of some tigers, probably the top attractions. There are Siberian and Sumatran tigers here. The Siberian tigers are regarded as the largest cats, larger than Lions.

Cumbria Tigers image

The image below is of a Jaguar roaming around close to the Tigers. The Lions and Snow Leopards are about 100 yards away for some reason.

Cumbria Zoo Jaguar image

The image below is from the Zoo Restaurant outdoor seating area next to the Giraffes and Rhinos.

Cumbria Giraffes image

The image below is of the Rhinos next to the restaurant. The largest one was inside having lunch, a huge White Rhinoceros

Cumbria Rhinos image

The image below is of the Zoo Train that runs between the Restaurant and a Zoo Bush Railway Station.

Cumbria Zoo Train image

The image below is of the Zoo Bush Railway Station, next to the Vulture enclosure. You can enter the Vulture enclosure and meet the vultures up close, with some being huge.

Cumbria Zoo Train Station image

The image below is from an area of the zoo where you walk around beside the animals with no fences, and enclosures you can go into beside the animals. The Monkeys here are just stealing some of the Capybaras' food, then moving on to some other adventure. Think these are the only monkeys allowed to roam around with visitors.

Cumbria Monkeys image

The image below is from the visitor centre with a vast display of wood carvings, many at reasonable prices.

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Cumbria Zoo Wood Carvings image