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Cambridge is a University City in Cambridgeshire /England. The City is built on the banks of the River Cam, 50 miles north of London.

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The first town charters were granted in the 1100s, with the University of Cambridge founded in 1209.

Over 40 Attractions in and around Cambridge.

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The University of Cambridge now has 31 Colleges, some of which are the best known in the world, such as Trinity College, with the Apple Tree that prompted Isaac Newton. The Colleges are major tourist attractions.

Cambridge has a number of other visitor attractions including Open Top Bus Tours, Boat Tours, Punt Tours, many Museums, Historic Churches, and many Art Galleries.

The oldest remains excavated in Cambridge are from around 3,500 years back. There are also remains of a small Roman fort from around the late 300s, The Romans left the area around 410.

The Vikings took control of the area around 875, with Cambridge growing rapidly from that time.

In 1068, William of Normandy took control of the area, building a Castle on Castle Hill, and the historic Round Church was built soon after.

This was the start of modern Britain, with the first town charters being granted in the 1100s, and the University of Cambridge founded in 1209.

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