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Aydon Castle is situated about 42 miles east of Carlisle, 18 miles west of Newcastle, 3 miles north of the town of Corbridge in northern England.

The castle is normally visited by people also visiting Hadrian's Wall, as it is situated about 3 miles from Corbridge Roman Town.

The image below is from inside the fortified walls of Aydon Castle, with the visitor centre on the left, and farm buildings from the 1700s on the right.

The castle is run by English Heritage.

Aydon Castle Map

Aydon Castle

The image below is of Aydon Castle from the Gardens.

This is one of the finest examples of a 1200s English manor house with the earlist parts built for Hugh de Reymes in 1296. The house had to be fortified in 1305, after the Wars of Scottish Independence, 1296–1328, saw the Scots gradually take control of Scotland, and begin raiding Northern England.

The son Robert de Reymes, had fought for the English in Scotland at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298, where William Wallace was defeated by Edward I.

The castle was captured and set on fire by the Scottish forces of Robert the Bruce in 1315, then attacked by English raiders two years later, looking to take any valuables from the castle.

Aydon Castle was again captured by the Scottish in 1346, this time by the forces of Robert the Bruces' son David II, during the second War of Scottish Independence, 1332–1357.

The castle was used as a farmhouse from the 1700s with farm buildings erected within the outer defensive walls. The last recidence left in 1966, leading to the building being restored to its medieval origins to serve as a tourist attraction.

Aydon Castle gardens image

The image below is of the interior of Aydon Castle. There are a number of rooms to explore, giving a good sence of what life was like for the wealthy many centuries back.

Aydon Castle kitchen image

The image below of the hall of Aydon Castle. This would have been the roomwhere the owners would entertain other welthy guests.

Aydon Castle great hall image

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